The Elaboration of the wines

Work in the winery

Our winery is equipped with thermo-regulated stainless steel tanks of variable capacity. Some of these are reserved for maceration of the grapes in the solid phase. After pressing, the juice is placed in a separate set of vats.

Each vat is allocated to a given plot, and vinification is adapted to the specific characteristics of each grape or terroir type. Temperature is controlled down to a degree, thus guaranteeing precise fermentation management. The choice of low temperatures (11-14°C) for white and rosé wines, makes it possible to extract and preserve aromas in optimal conditions.

Part of the winery’s barrels and demi-muids are renewed each year. These are used to accompany development of the aromatic potential and character expression of the estate’s best grapes: our barrels nurture the estate’s finest wines right from the beginning of the vinification process.

Precision and rigour are key to fine winemaking. Domaine Maby is equipped with an efficient bottling line, preventing oxidation and ensuring optimal conditions of hygiene.

After bottling, the wines are stored in the estate’s underground cellar for maturing.

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