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The 2020 vintage

We have just finished the harvest today. The quality is there. Unfortunately, due to many climatic hazards, the volumes are low. The juices are sweet, very sweet, good, even very good; it is said that, early harvests lead to quality harvests. At Domaine Maby, the pickers were busy under a blazing sun for nearly a month. This year, the grape harvest started very early. The meticulous work carried out in the vineyard, throughout the year, has lead to qualitative and healthy grapes. As regards the quantity, the harvest is lower than 2019. Despite bad weather conditions: frost, hail and heatwaves,  our vines are doing well because we have been vigilant on mildew, which is particularly present this year. Our Cellar Master emphasizes the importance of the work done in the vineyard: “Thanks to a healthy harvest, 2020 is an easy vintage to vinify. In the cellar, the liquid phases have been well mastered (pressing, macerations, etc.) The entire team is fully satisfied with the first results obtained. ” Therefore the vintage looks promising: freshness, aromatic complexity for our rosés and whites; for our red wines, we note concentration, richness, and beautiful coloring intensities. The berries demonstrate an excellent balance.

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